Surf in the north of Spain

In summer 2005, I’ve been in the north of Spain to the search experiences like surfer. Once of all I have to say thay I’m quite a rookie, and therefore my “vision” will be sure like this.

From the map you can see the zones and beaches to make surf are multiple, in more you should consider the hidden “spot”, which are known only by “Locals”. The first half of zones is always crowded, where it is an hard work to having 5 meters square of wave, and must arm yourself with table, but also of much patience, above all if you are a rookie and it is an hard for you to take all the waves. It’s quite impossible in the third week of August, in particolar way to S. Sebastian, where there are thousand tourists in order to celebrate “la semana grande”.

The second half of coast instead is less crowded, more characteristic, but where the fun are sure more insufficient. Optimal is the Bakio beach, little crowded and with optimal waves. To advice against, Mundaka, above all for the rookies. The small village is fantastic, but the waves make hard work to create itself after the recent jobs to the port, and the zone is a lot crowded. In spite of everything Mundaka maintains the best nomea of “the bests lefts of Europe”. In three days that have been here, I have had way to practite surf one single time.
If you are seeking instead tranquillity, the Spanish heat (memory that from saint Sebastian to Bilbao you are in the Basque Countries and not in Spain!!) then you have to go to Santander. Optimal region the Cantabria, without doubt lacking in tourist and particulr funs like discotheques, but full of restaurants that serve optimal fish, served like you were in the ’80. I advice you in particular the restaurant that is found in the port of Santander, “Los Penucos”. “Ciola” will serve you an amazing Paella, entertaining to you with its jokes. Returning to surf my advice is to go to the “Escuela Cantabra de Surf”, optimal in order to begin. Teacher are really nice and available to advise to you the beaches that have the bests wave in the afternoon. This school offers also a Campus solutions. One school week, with rent of the house or stay in hotel, to favorable prices. This school is located in Somo (great beautiful beach!) of forehead to the city of Santander, and far therefore from zones attended from the “medium Tourist”.
My preferred beach remains however “Liencres”. This city is found to little Kms from Santander. Its beach, called Valderanes, is fantastic. Cut in two from a reef, it offers an evocative landscape, where your girl can wait you happly while you are in sea to defy some wave. The beach is optimal for surfing and the waves are nearly always ideal.

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  1. Thanks for your report. I’m an intermediate surfer and my girlfriend almost a begginner, probably a bit more than that. Im looking for a place full of left waves to improve my backside. Based on your experience which place do you suggest :mundaka, bakio or somo?

  2. Hi Marco,

    thanks for the comment. Mundaka was very famous to be the the best “Left” of Europe, but I heard that some work on backdrop have changed waves on the last years. Sorry I can’t answer precisely. Anyway Bakio and Mundaka are very close each other, so you can sleep in Mundaka and decide to go where waves are bests for you! Somo is very good for training and people, and also for Tapas in Santander. Take your time and travel all north spain, you’ll enjoy it!

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