Safari 3 Beta for Windows… full of bugs

Safari Web BrowserI have ever thought that the big value of Apple was making Sw and Hw easy to use and that works! No bugs, no blue “windows” screen. It just works. But Safari 3 beta for windows it isn’t like this. Ok it’s a beta. But if it doesn’t work it isn’t neither a beta, it’s just a test! After the installation of Safary I browsed to All characters appear like have been in a wash machine. Come on Apple, if you can’t display neither, what’s your but?

Rumors about the wish of Steve Jobs to compete in the browser market against IE eliminating Firefox concurrence are reality. Sorry Steve, we doesn’t need another IE. We doesn’t need somethig that doesn’t work. Something that makes harder the web designer job and the usability. We just have IE. We need concurrence. Open Source. Something that simply works!

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