Ribbit – Open platform fot telephony innovation

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Telephony has remained virtually unchanged for decades, while at the same time the Internet has revolutionized personal communications in the blink of an eye. Yet, these two worlds remain distinct; walled-off from each other and blocking the innovations that would surely emerge if they were allowed to come together.

Ribbit was created to break this stalemate. Ribbit is the result of a group of Silicon Valley phone and Web veterans coming together, in a distinctly new way, to create a distinctly new company. […]

The result of this thinking is Ribbit – Silicon Valley’s first Phone Company. Created to change the way we all think about communications. A company dedicated to advancing communications by empowering developers to rethink what’s possible by giving them an open API to build the future we’ve all been waiting for.

Take a look to Ribbit API:

Ribbit API

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