Structural Change Is Always a Good Theme to Invest In

I found very interisting Testcrunch article.

In particular when they write: Albert Wenger, a partner at Union Square Ventures, notes that we might be a little bit ahead of ourselves in the hype cycle (see slide), but that the impact of some of the changes we are just now seeing now on the Web will eventually catch up to the hype.

And this phrases:

Each of the presenters outlined some of the themes their venture firms are trying to ride. They all boil down to structural change in one form or another. […] The structural changes and other shifts that Union Square likes to invest in include:

  • The decline of the firm and the rise of one-to-one commerce
  • Merging of cyberspace and real space
  • Unified identity (across different sites and services)
  • Generational shift
  • Global growth of the Web
  • Mobile