Bill Gates’ mysterious company

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Bill Gates created a company called bgc3. The records describe bgC3 as=
a “holding company” headquartered in Kirkland =96a relatively short, pictu=
resque drive from Gates’ home on Lake Washington.

Federal trademark =
filings provide more clues =96 describing bgC3 as a think tank, under a gen=
eric trademark classification that corresponds broadly to areas including &=
quot;scientific and technological services,” “industrial analysis=
and research,” and “design and development of computer hardware =
and software.”

But what does bgC3 mean? The logical assumption might be “Bill Gates Co=
mpany Three” =96 his third enterprise after Microsoft and the Bill & Me=
linda Gates Foundation. But that’s only partially right, according to the G=
ates insider.

The “bg” is Bill Gates, the insider says, but the “C” stands for “catal=
yst.” The idea is that Gates will play that role as he brings together new =
people and ideas. The “three” reflects the notion of a third place, apart f=
rom Microsoft and the foundation.

What BG has in his cylinder?