A new Iphone coming in June?

The usual rumors tell that a brand new Iphone is ocming. Somebody says June, other the next years.

Designer, but overall people with great fantasy are trying to find out what the new style will be. Here the one I like it more than others.

new iphone 3.0 - restyle aluminuim

2 thoughts on “A new Iphone coming in June?

  1. haha. nice phone. but battery cover? please. removable batteries are overrated.. it ruins the design.. true gps? do you mean turn by turn? as well as a compass? and titanium blocks wireless waves. wouldn’t be good for the wifi. i dont know if it effects cell reception. and if your going to make a phone that will never exist. why would you choose 3G? 3.5g is in japan. and 4g is on it’s way. overall tho it’s pretty sweet. too bad its not real. although the new iphone looks pretty sweet. it’s rumored that it steered away from the screen bezel much like this design. it’s also supposedly sleeker. Has a soft touch rubber sprayed back. a 3.2 mp cam. maybe a video chat cam but i doubt it. It supposedly has the classic “glowing apple logo” found on it’s computer. I doubt that though. Battery is 50% longer and it may include an OLED screen. that all being said.. if this is true it wont be much different from this one. but i doubt it will be that boxy lol.
    nice design

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