iPhone 3.0 firmware update

iphone 3.0 software


Apple just previewed the 3.0 update. It’s full of new features like, cut&paste, MMS, bluetooth P2P, App Push, Voice Memo and spotligth Search.

iPhone OS is really growing release after release.  The update will be released on next summer. at the moment developers can download the 3.0 Sdk that have over 1000 new API like Mail API, Bluetooth, Sound etc…

Looking forward to this summer!iphone_sdk_logo


Pure Design – Ammunition Group

This is a really cool group! I read about it by the rumors on the Gphone, and as I’m passionated by design I went on the website. They do a great job!

I started to think that is cool that big firm are outsourcig design to this work group, and that doesn’t happen in Italy where it’s very hard to find them. But I clicked on “Who we are” and found out that it’s based in San Francisco CA, and in Padova, ITALY!

No Way!



RadRails 1.0 just released.

Aptana has just released RadRails 1.0 for Aptana studio.

A lot of new features included.

  • A new Rails Shell console – A screencast dedicated to this feature is available at aptana.tv.
  • Bundled auto-installing gems for rails development
  • A Ruby profiler for Pro users
  • An RDoc preview view
  • Extended RHTML/ERb color preferences
  • Code completion for ActiveRecord model fields and finders
  • Code completion suggesting method call arguments
  • Significant expansion of code warnings and analysis, including syntax changes from Ruby 1.8 to 1.9
  • An improved look and feel

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