I’m boostrapping Omidea; This is an angel investors fund to provide knowledge and resources to early-stage technology companies to helps today’s most visionair entrepreneurs develop tomorrow’s business stories.

We want to invest in world-changing ideas. We want help companies with more than just fundraising, by helping them to discover, to evolve, and to en-chance the elements of their businesses. Follow Omidea on Twiter.


Here are two Omidea’s project:


KontupKontup is a web-based business management tool. It provides an easy and fast way for small to medium sized teams or companies to manage projects by tracking revenues, time and budgets. Kontup is a collaborative tool, designed for team, for sharing data with partners or customers in a easy way. Kontup is web 2.0 business intelligence for projects.


 Angellist wings is an iOs Application that use tha Angellist API. The current application is disponible at the moment only for iPhone and current features are: Read feeds – Show Users – Show Startup – Follow Users/Startup – Search for Users/Startups – Update Status.



Ars Tag‘s purpose is bringing art directly in your own hands. We believe in the power of communication: to make it excitingly simple and simply exciting. Remodel contemporary-art sociality.